Things To Consider When Restoring an Old Rocking Chair


Restoring an old piece of furniture is a fun, fulfilling pastime with challenges. Even if you’re up for the task, ensuring you learn these things to consider when restoring an old rocking chair first can make the process less stressful and more fun. We will outline guidelines on how to succeed in your restoration project while maintaining the chair’s longevity.

Identify the Chair’s Era and Style

An essential step is identifying your rocking chair’s era, style, or origin. Knowing this information improves your search for appropriate materials and techniques that don’t compromise its historical integrity or decrease its value. Examine the material, including fabric coverings, wood carvings, joint construction, and other design elements to determine the chair’s age and style.

Gather Necessary Tools and Supplies

Before grabbing any tools, research what supplies to buy for your project. Typical items like sandpaper, woodworking tools, wood glue, and clamps are commonly used for restoration projects. So, ensure you have the right items for a smooth refurbishing project. Also, consider whether you need new cushions, paint, varnish, or replacement parts like spindles, legs, or arms.

Examine the Furniture’s Structure and Stability

Carefully inspect your rocking chair’s stability. Pay attention to any broken or cracked joints on the chair, and especially look for loose or missing screws. Minor repairs might suffice, but looking at the chair thoroughly helps determine if the chair needs a complete reconstruction. Prioritize safety and structural integrity!

Preserve Original Design Features

Preserve the essential design elements of the chair, such as carving and paint patterns. You preserve the chair’s character and historical value by maintaining the original design features. Try to keep as much of the original detail as possible so the chair retains its origins, and its era is easily recognizable.

Refinishing and Painting

Be mindful of refinishing and painting. Restorers often debate between refinishing the whole piece or keeping the original patina. It’s best to consult a furniture restoration expert for advice on retaining the furniture’s identity while refinishing and painting it. Ensure the paint and refinishing styles are in tune with the original designs.

Restoring old rocking chairs adds a fresher style to a timeless piece. Feel accomplished restoring an old rocking chair, and remember these considerations if you ever need a reason not to change something drastically. To help maintain the life of your restored piece, we suggest following these tips for maintaining a swivel rocking chair to keep it rocking smoothly for years to come. Trust us—an old chair might seem pleasant to admire, but restoring it to its former glory is more fun. You’ll enjoy it more when you can use it in your home.


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